ZDN JEANS, which started its activities in the textile sector in a 20㎡ store in 1990, took its place in the retail clothing sector in a short time. Our company, which has brought its vision of fashion to wider segments with its successes, entered the wholesale sector in 2006. 

Our company, which is personally involved in all the steps from the beginning to the end of the production process;
700㎡ design, model shop and slaughterhouse
Washing and R&D department in accordance with 1500㎡ standards
There are 500㎡ ironing-packaging and quality control areas. 

With its experienced and innovative staff, our company offers its products to its customers at home and abroad. Our company, which makes quality the primary principle under all conditions, has served in the preparation of the "Jean Collection" of many designers in the country for modeling, washing and delivery to the end consumer. Our company, which also continues its export activities to its customers from the Middle East, America, Europe and Russia regions, continues to work with the understanding of "Better is possible" so that Turkey is remembered with its quality at every point it reaches in textile exports. 

Our firm, which knows that Jean is loyal to the brand as soon as its customer is satisfied, works with the same care for each of its products. 

Start to follow ZDN JEANS closely, where natural fabrics and trends meet !